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For over ten years I've been a graphic designer, five of which I've specialized in Logo and Brand Identity Design. The reason I made the switch to focus specifically on branding is because I realized that a logo design is just not enough. Brand owners need more than a fancy logo to compete against big corporate budgets and shortening attention spans. I've also recognized the gap between what an owner envisions for their brand with what they're able to communicate, resulting in a design that misses the mark. I hope to help with both!

to help business owners deliver their gifts, services, or products to the audience that needs them through cohesive, effective Branding that helps them stand out in the market place.

serving purpose driven, real-people powered businesses helps strengthen local business, thus affecting our direct families and communities, and impacting our world at large.


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Providing Quality

Design Options for Bigger Picture Planning


Hello! I'm Kat!

Living in beautiful, sunny San Diego, I've been designing professionally for over 10 years, but really, I've been designing since I was a kid in middle school yearbook, so almost my whole life. I'm a proud mama to one amazing kiddo named Bella, and two pups. We love to spend our days outdoors, hiking, at the beach, camping, and lately we've been bitten by the travel bug! Most recently we spent a whole month in Ireland, our favorite home away from home. Our next travel goal is to live and roam the country in an RV!

6 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love throwing BIG, themed parties!
    (Hellooo Glow-in-the Dark kids parties and turning my house into Hogwarts.)

  2. My first time scuba diving was in glacial waters in Iceland. (Guess I'm part viking!)

  3. I used to be allergic to cats. (Ha! The irony.)

  4. I've been designing since I was 12 years old! (Whhaat?!)

  5. A lot of design techniques I learned during my high school yearbook camp (heyy #nerd) I still use today!

  6. I won 2nd place in my 4th grade science fair for what I now realize was a worm compost! (I just picked it because I thought worms were cool and easy to draw. Ha!)

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